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Coastal Zone Canada facilitates the sharing of research, policy, news and management of coastal habitats all over the world.


CZCA shares research, projects and news updates of the coastal zone conducted by our members to keep our members updated.


Our conferences allow CZCA members to meet up every two years and discuss new projects, collaborations and how to move forward with coastal strategies.


CZCA aims to improve coastal zone monitoring, science and management through sharing of information and networking online and offline.


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The CZCA is a Canadian nationally incorporated non-profit society of coastal zone management professionals and othersinterested in and supportive of Integrated Coastal Zone Management goals in Canada and abroad. The CZCA was incorporated in 1993 with the objective of sponsoring ICZM conferences and otherwise promoting improvements in ICZM practices. Conferences are held every two years, on the even year. For more information on the CZCA or on becoming a member, please refer to the Association brochure and theAssociation by-laws. Click here to view the list of CZCA Officers and Directors for 2014-2016.
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